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Green Zepharite Pentagram Pendulum

Green Zepharite Pentagram Pendulum


This hand-made pendulum features a Green Zepharite Pendant, along with a Pentagram charm. It also includes three sets of three charms, including Mookaite, Green Moss Agate and Hematite for grounding.


Our lovely range of hand made pendulums are all individual and unique with their crystals specifically chosen to match their talisman charm, and the two are connected by crystals and minerals chosen to promote our connection to the Divine Source while grounding us to the Earth.


Our pendulums embrace the power of the number 3, there are 3 main components- the crystal pendulum, the charm or talisman and the connecting chain; there are 3 sets of 3 crystal/mineral beads and there are 3 of the centre main crystal/mineral beads and the pendulum is designed to connect our body to the divine source and ground us to our Earth Star Chakra; again a connection of 3.


They can be used for dowsing for both questions and chakra blockages, for crystal healing and for Pendulum Radiesthesia. Our pendulums are very responsive and for some, it is possible to use the charm as a pendulum as well.