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Gemini New Moon

Two faces depicting the Gemini Starsign, with Gemini New Moon written on top

New Moons are an exciting time for releasing your intentions for the lunar cycle ahead, helping to give you short-term focus for working towards manifesting the life of your dreams. They are an incredible opportunity to make changes, that can have small to huge impacts in your life.

Each month, the New Moon takes place in a different zodiac sign. If you align your intentions with the energies of that New Moons Sign, you will be able to release the most appropriate intentions, that will likely have the best outcome for you.

This month, we are looking at Gemini, which is the sign of the Twins and is ruled by Mercury; the planet of communication, ideas, and messaging.

The New Moon in Gemini

The energy of Gemini is curious, intellectual, communicative, and fun. As the mutable air sign, Gemini encourages you to connect with others to explore and embrace your differences, to be open to expanding your own thoughts and ideas as you learn.

What the Gemini New Moon means for you

The Gemini New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle, bringing in newness, excitement, and creative potential. Under the light of the Gemini New Moon, you can work with its energy to make expansive changes in your lives.

This is a time to release your intentions, and powerful things can happen when you align those intentions with the energy of Gemini. This means this is a great time to share your ideas with others and gain valuable feedback and insights.

At this time, it is important to focus on planting the seeds of intention and visualise what you want to create. You can use this energy to learn and expand your social connections, all with an emphasis on openness and clear communication.

Inntentions for the Gemini New Moon

As we have discussed, the New Moon is a time for sowing the seeds of intention for the lunar cycle ahead, and profound things can happen when you align your intentions with the energy of the New Moon. By working with the energy of Gemini, you can create expand your mind and your social circle with ease.

When creating your intentions, it is best to follow your own guidance and intuaition, as this will help you to create the most appropriate intentions for you, at that time. But if you are struggling, here are six simple intentions that align with the energy of the Gemini New Moon:

  1. I am open to receiving new experiences and knowledge

  2. I listen to my guidance and trust in my decision making

  3. I speak my truth and express myself without fear

  4. I recognize my unique qualities and embrace them

  5. I flow with curiosity and enthusiasm.

  6. I create meaningful relationships with those around me

Crystals for the Gemini New Moon

If you are looking for extra support at this time, or to make the most of the energies, here are 3 crystals support the energies of the Gemini New Moon:


Agate helps to balance emotional energy, providing mental clarity and reminding us to be authentic. It is known for promoting communication, understanding, and acceptance of the thoughts and viewpoints of others.


Labradorite is associated with intuition and enhanced communication, making it ideal for exploring the depths of our minds and the energy of the Gemini New Moon. It also brings an element of magic to any environment, adding a touch of mystery and creative inspiration.


Aquamarine brings mental clarity while encouraging compassion and calmness. This mineral aids in mental and emotional stability, while providing protection on the physical and spiritual planes during periods of challenge or change.

Creating a New Moon Ritual

For more guidance and support to release your intentions for the Gemini New Moon, we have carefully curated our Gemini New Moon Manifestation Kit, featuring everything you need to create your intentions, align with the energies of Gemini and successfully release your them to the universe. You can find our kit here.

Gemini New Moon Manifestation Ritual Kit

Designed for all experience levels, this kit features all of the tools you need to align with the energies of the Gemini New Moon, plus support for creating your own intentions and successfully releasing them.

Each kit includes:

  • a crystal,

  • candle,

  • specially selected herbs,

  • ribbon,

  • guidance,

  • worksheets,

  • a box to secure your intentions in.

Remember, this New Moon is a fabulous opportunity for anyone who feels drawn to working with the energies available. Follow your guidance above all else and enjoy connecting to your inner power, so you can manifest your goals and dreams.


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