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New Moon in Taurus

Taurus Bull with the words Taurus New Moon

New Moons are an exciting time for releasing your intentions for the lunar cycle ahead, helping to give you short-term focus for working towards manifesting the life of your dreams. They are an incredible opportunity to make changes, that can have small to huge impacts in your life.

Each month, the New Moon takes place in a different zodiac sign. If you align your intentions with the energies of that New Moons Sign, you will be able to release the most appropriate intentions, that will likely have the best outcome for you.

The New Moon in Taurus

In May, we experience the New Moon in Taurus, which is a very exciting time as this energy holds the vibration of growth, abundance, grounding and stability.

Taurus is the Fixed Earth sign meaning it is the earthliest of the signs. It signifies the fertility and solidity of the earth. It is a sign of comfort, security, and of earthly pleasures. This is a time for reflection and for taking stock of what you have and what you need.

What the Taurus New Moon Means for You

The New Moon in Taurus presents the opportunity to connect with your inner power, to ensure your goals align with your values. This is a time for you to check in with your daily habits, rituals and experiences, and evaluate whether they are helping or hindering you when it comes to living as the best version of yourself.

It is a time to focus on your inner needs and desires and to manifest them into reality. You can use this energy to create a solid foundation for your future and manifest your goals.

At this time, it is important to focus on planting the seeds of intention and visualise what you want to create. You can use this energy to ground yourself and upgrade your habits so you can bring your dreams into your reality, all with an emphasis on self-love and prioritising your needs.

Crystals for the New Moon in Taurus

To support the energy of the New Moon in Taurus, there are several crystals that can be used. You should always use your guidance and intuition for the best outcome, but if you are struggling, here are three crystals we recommend that align with the energy of Taurus:

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is known as the crystal of unconditional love, that is both internally and externally. This powerful crystal aligns fantastically with the energy of the Taurus New Moon, as to live as your best self and to make sure your rituals and habits support that version of you, you have to love yourself first.

It also helps you to open your heart chakra, encouraging you to live from a place of unconditional love, where there is no fear and you are open to welcoming new beginnings.

Green Aventurine

Further working with the heart chakra, this beautiful crystal is known for its ability to attract abundance and prosperity. This energy aligns perfectly with the energy of the Taurus New Moon as when you live in your heart centre, abundance flows easily in your life.


As the energy of the Taurus New Moon has an emphasis on new beginnings, mental clarity is required, so that you can access and follow your guidance with ease, and experience the best outcome possible for you. Amethyst is ideal for helping achieve this, by working with your crown chakra to connect to the higher energies and provide clarity and focus.

Bonus: Fluorite

Fluorite comes in a spectrum of colours, that work with multiple chakras, making it an extremely versatile crystal to have in your collection. As Taurus energy has an emphasis on balance, this crystal provides balance to your mind and spirit, helping promote harmony and peace in your life. Balance is essential to helping you not only manifest the life of your dreams effectively but also to help you tap into and make the most of the energies available at the New Moon.

Setting Intentions for the New Moon in Taurus

As we have discussed, the New Moon is a time for sowing the seeds of intention for the lunar cycle ahead, and profound things can happen when you align your intentions with the energy of the New Moon. By working with the energy of Taurus, you can create a solid foundation through daily habits and rituals, that will support your future and help you to manifest your goals and dreams.

Just like with crystals, we recommend you connect to the higher energies and follow your guidance when creating your intentions. But if you are struggling, then here are five intentions that align with the energy of Taurus:

  1. Stability and abundance flow freely in my life.

  2. My daily habits help me to build a solid foundation for my future.

  3. I easily tap into my inner strength and courage, whilst welcoming all new beginnings with open arms.

  4. I easily manifest my goals and dreams.

  5. I experience comfort and security in my life daily.

For more guidance and insight into how to make the most of the Taurus New Moon, we have created an easy-to-use Taurus New Moon Manifestation Kit, which you can find here.

Taurus New Moon Manifestation Ritual Kit

Designed for all experience levels, this kit features all of the tools you need to align with the energies of the Taurus New Moon, plus support for creating your own intentions and successfully releasing them.

Each kit includes:

  • a crystal,

  • candle,

  • specially selected herbs,

  • ribbon,

  • guidance,

  • worksheets,

  • a box to secure your intentions in.

Remember, this is a fabulous opportunity for anyone who feels drawn to working with the energies available. Follow your guidance above all else and enjoy connecting to your inner power, so you can manifest your goals and dreams.

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