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Small Abalone Shell with rainbow pattern

Small Abalone Shell


Abalone shells are naturally occurring, they form in a low spiral shape, with respiratory holes along the outer edge. 


These gorgeous Small Abalone Shell can be placed throughout your home as a stunning piece of home decor, or they can be used as part of a ritual.


Each shell has been polished and heat-sealed with resin to protect its natural colours and pattern.


The rough outer hull protects the outside of the shell over a long period of time, while the inside can be used to burn incense, hold sage sticks, or palo santo, whilst the rainbow tones add a sense of calm vibrancy to the room.


Images show examples of shells. The size, shape, and colouring of the shell may vary slightly due to it being a natural product. Online orders will receive a medium shell selected at random. If you would like to pick an exact shell, please come see us at our shop.


Palo Santo to show sizing, they are not included, they can be purchased separately.