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How to Cleanse using Sage: Step by Step

Cleansing is an ancient ritual. There are many reasons to cleanse, including releasing energies that no longer serve you. In this blog, we are focusing on cleansing using Sage, but we will cover other methods of cleansing in a different blog.

Step One: Select your tools

There are many options when it comes to cleansing, even regarding Sage. There are multiple types and combinations of Sage you can choose from, all have a similar effect and outcome, however, the scent varies. Sage has a strong scent that not everyone likes, working with a combination such as Peppermint and Sage can help improve the scent.

So the first step is to choose a Sage you want to use, along with the other tools you need. A full list of the tools you'll need are:

  • Sage

  • Matches (or a lighter)

  • A feather (not necessary)

  • A Bowl, Abalone Shell or fireproof surface

  • Open doors and windows

Step Two: Prepare for Cleansing

Acknowledge what it is you are wanting to release and cleanse, whether it is energies in the house, a specific room, or within yourself. Consciously decide what you are releasing and hold this in your mind.

Open your windows and doors, so there is a place for the energies to leave through.

Step Three: Lighting the Sage

Sage can be lit using a match which can then be returned to nature, as is the circle of life. However, if you don't have a match, a lighter will also work.

Hold the Sage at a safe distance from yourself, and light using your matches or lighter. Hold the flame over the end of the sage for a few seconds, until it is lit evenly. Let the Sage burn for a few seconds to ensure it is lit, and then blow out the flames. The Sage should start to smoke now.

Step Four: Cleanse

If you are using a feather, waft the smoke of the Sage where you would like it to go, whether it be around a room, items or your Aura. If you do not have a feather, use your hand instead.

Consciously release what no longer serves you. Imagine it being released and drifting away with the smoke of the Sage.

Step Five: Ending

Once you feel you have finished cleaning, you can place your sage in an abalone shell, or in a smudging bowl, where it can safely burn itself out. Do not place it in water, it will stop on its own. Please just make sure it is placed in a safe place until it is done.

Extra Tips

  • Depending on the size of your sage bundle, you may notice it burns out whilst you are cleansing, you can relight it as you need.

  • You likely will not use the whole bundle of sage in one go, so you can store it safely once it has burnt out, so you can use it as you need.

  • There is a lot of information regarding whether it is culturally appropriate to use sage, we advise you to do your own research on this and make a decision which aligns with you and your beliefs.

  • Store it in a dry space to ensure it will light and burn properly.

  • Some may find the scent overwhelming as it can be quite strong, ensure you have your windows and doors open so the energies can disperse, but this will also help with the scent. You can also try using a different sage bundle (such as one with a combination of cinnamon, peppermint, or lavender).


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