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Black Tourmaline Coin Necklace

Black Tourmaline Coin Necklace



Embrace the protective and grounding energy of Black Tourmaline with our stunning Black Tourmaline Coin Necklace.


This powerful crystal is known for its ability to absorb and transmute negative energy, making it an essential tool for spiritual protection and healing. Wear this necklace to create a sense of calm and balance.


Black Tourmaline is an essential crystal for anyone seeking spiritual and energetic protection. This necklace is perfect for those looking to create a shield of protection around themselves, whether in their everyday life or during energy healing practices.


The coin shape of the Black Tourmaline adds a touch of elegance to this powerful piece, making it perfect for everyday wear or special occasions.


Let the strength and stability of Black Tourmaline guide you on your spiritual journey and provide a sense of comfort and protection.


As a natural mineral, the colour and pattern may vary.