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Return of the Divine Sophia

Return of the Divine Sophia


Healing the Earth through the lost wisdom teachings or Jesus, Isis, and Mary Magdalene.


Explore the spiritual journies into the Mysteries of the Goddess, during an expansive investigation into Judaism and Christianity, exposing how and when the Divine Feminine became lost.


Throughout history, the Creator was honoured as female and humaity lived in peaceful societies, free of war. Tricia McCannon demonstrates how we can return to an age of peace, if we work to bring the masucline and feminine energies back into balance.


Considering ceremonies, rituals and myths of the Goddess from ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, Hebrew and Native American traditions, Tricia reveals the many archetypes of the Goddess and how she can help us with self-transformation.


She takes you on an expansive journey to awaken the Divine Feminine, leading you to overcome the deeply rooted masculine-feminine imbalance of the patriarchy.

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