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Hero's Journey Meditation CD

Hero's Journey Meditation CD


Since time immemorial, the hero’s journey has been taken by wizards, goddesses, sages, and ordinary people and whether you realise or not, you are taking it right now. You have been called from your everyday world, to quest for change, for knowledge, for peace, for strength.


You may have already crossed the threshold, discovered treasure or be on the way home, changed, empowered and ready to share your wisdom.


Wherever you are in your journey, The Hero's Journey Meditations will help you:

· Recognise, discern, and heed your call to adventure
· Recover and discover the fortitude, courage, and resilience to prevail
along your quest
· Receive and embrace your reward and just desserts and become
magnetic for even more
· Integrate and align with your gifts, talents, wisdom, and genius, as you
make your return with the elixir, so you can effectively share with and
contribute to others