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Blue Aragonite Tower

Blue Aragonite Tower


A recent discovery, it features a pale to intense blue with the expected brown and white of Aragonite. It is expected this mineral will be mined to extinction in the coming years. 


Crystalline structure:

This is a combination of Aragonite and Blue Calcite. The blue colour is caused by the strontium. The texture varies, often featuring crevices or druzy's. 


Metaphysical Properties:

This beautiful mineral resonates with your Third Eye and Crown Chakra. Encouraging us to follow our path, experience a journey of self-discovery and pushing us to leap into new opportunities, this is a great crystal to have with you if you are feeling stuck. It also helps you channel the higher realms, pushing us to channel and connect with higher energies and bring this back to the physical world.


Crystal Towers:

Crystal towers are ideal for helping you keep focused and ‘on point’. They are fantastic